Targeted Savings

Targeted Savings and Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposits

  • Tenor
  • 30-90 days
  • Interest Rate: Competitive
  • Interest Rate: Processing fee of 0%

Targeted savings account

  • Tenor
  • Interest rate 4% p.a.
  • Can liquidate once a month
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Other Financing Options

Asset Financing

  • Finance up to 75% of asset value
  • Tenor: a maximum of 24 Months
  • Interest Rate: Equity contribution of 25% required
  • Competitive Interest rates

LPO financing

  • Bank will Finance up to 75% of contract value
  • Cost contribution of 25% from applicant.
  • Tenor: maximum of 120 days
  • Interest rate: competitive
  • Payment domiciliation of expected funds and
  • Bank to finance only confirmed LPOs from Blue chips and reputable medium sized companies
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